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Package options

Set the domestic package option you use the most to be selected when you create your label.

Service preference


If it fits, it ships® anywhere in the U.S. up to 70 lbs.

What if I don't know my package weight? What are common weights info link graphic

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Package Type

Shipment notifications

Let us know how you would like to be contacted after a package is enroute to its destination.

Notification Options

Email Updates:

Text Updates:


Do not receive USPS Tracking® notifications.

Choose your desired updates from a list

Notify recipient of shipping

Set a message to send to your recipient along with the tracking number when you notify them of their shipment.

Notify recipient of shipping message


Notify recipient of shipping message

Reference number

This number is for your reference only. You may use up to 10 characters.

Reference Number


This number will appear on the printed label.

Return address

Save the return address we should use on your label. This does not change your customer registered address.

Return address

Edit Delete

Return address

use address book

First and Last Name and/or Company Name

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Clear Address Preference

Shipping from ZIP Code™

Set alternate ZIP Code to appear when you select ship from another ZIP Code.

Alternate shipping from ZIP Code