Insurance Coverage: Insurance is provided only in accordance with postal regulations in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) and, for international shipments, the International Mail Manual (IMM). The DMM® and IMM set forth the specific types of losses that are covered, the limitations on coverage, terms of insurance, conditions of payment, and adjudication procedures. Copies of the DMM and IMM are available for inspection at any Post Office™. If copies are not available and information on Priority Mail Express International™ insurance is requested, please contact postmaster prior to mailing. The DMM and the IMM consist of federal regulations, and USPS personnel are NOT authorized to change or waive these regulations or grant exceptions.

Limitations prescribed in the DMM and IMM provide, in part, that:

  • The contents of Priority Mail Express International™ shipments defined as merchandise by postal regulations are insured against loss, damage, or missing contents. Coverage of up to $200.00 per shipment for merchandise, or $100 for items containing only documents is included at no additional charge. Online insurance may NOT be combined with insurance purchased at the Post Office. There is a limit of $5000.00 insurance that can be purchased at a Post Office. Please note: additional insurance is void if waiver of the addressee's signature is requested.
  • Coverage extends to the actual value of the contents at the time of mailing (including depreciation based on the life expectancy of the contents), the repair cost, or the limit of insurance coverage purchased, whichever is least.
  • For Priority Mail Express International™, insurance coverage may vary by country and may not be available to some countries. There is no indemnity for items containing coins, banknotes, currency notes (paper money); securities of any kind payable to the bearer; traveler's checks, platinum, gold and silver (manufactured or not); precious stones, jewelry, and other valuable or prohibited articles.
  • Items defined by postal indemnity regulations as nonnegotiable documents are insured against loss, damage, or missing contents up to $100 per shipment for document reconstruction, subject to additional limitations for multiple pieces lost or damaged in a single catastrophic occurrence.
  • Document reconstruction insurance provides reimbursement for the reasonable costs incurred in reconstructing duplicates of nonnegotiable documents mailed. Document reconstruction insurance coverage above $100 per shipment is NOT available, and attempts to purchase additional document insurance are void.

No coverage is provided for consequential losses due to loss, damage, or delay of Priority Mail Express International™, or for concealed damage, spoilage of perishable items, and articles improperly packaged or too fragile to withstand normal handling in the mail.


Please consult the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) and the International Mail Manual (IMM) for additional limitations and terms of coverage. View the DMM and IMM online at

Claims: An inquiry to the Priority Mail Express™ Dallas Call Center must be made prior to making a claim. Please call 1-800-222-1811 for assistance.